Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wake Up Surrounded By Love and Beauty

Overlooking the pond, Brandywine RIver in the background.  
  The farm is a special place in my mind that has been the scene of various moments in my life that are unforgettable.  It is a sanctuary of peace, an beautiful oasis that I am able to revisit on occasion.  A lived in museum soaked in ancient history that is utilized, lived in, comfortable.  While formal in appearance the atmosphere at the farm is welcoming and casual.  Aunt Mary Ann and Uncle Sam are extremely gracious hosts, young and flexible.  They had no contention with us pulling in at 12:30 am and even stayed up with us until small hours visiting before we all needed to collapse in bed for the night. 
   Today we watch the weather channel.  Snow is falling in the void we left behind in Maine.  More accumulating around the Great Lakes.  Forecasters on the Weather Channel are very excited to have something to report on and dramatize each snowflake and every salt truck on the road.  We have been invited to stay another night which sounds nice.  But tempered by the call of the road which we have only begun to heed.  The snow is falling West of here and appears we will encounter one of two minor fronts no matter when we depart.  All to plot now is how to hit the snow during daylight.  

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