Thursday, January 12, 2012

This Is Happening:::

   Wednesday was a reminder that plans should be adaptable.  The alarm woke us up at 7:30.  We still had more cleaning and packing.  It was noon when we were finally saying goodbye to our neighbor, friend, landlady.  Eli in her truck, me in the moving van, we drove out of the driveway and down the road, leaving our secure reality behind saying goodbye to every tree, road, and house that had been the back drop of our lives for these years.
   More goodbyes around town needed to happen.  So we managed to disregard our original departure time goal and accepted that we were going to start late.  Finally at 3pm we had the pick up on the trailer, trailer hooked up to the moving van, and we rolled out.  Goodbye Kittery, goodbye Maine, goodbye Piscatiqua, farewell Portsmouth, bridges, New Hampshire.
Eli Took This Photo of the road at sunset in Connecticut, 01.11.12
   Seven states in that first day.  Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.  Rain started somewhere in New Jersey.  Into Pennsylvania it picked up with wind until we were barreling through the hose sharing the highway with semis and cautiously avoiding the texting drivers.  It was slow going into the rolling hills of the Keystone State through the inclimate weather and we eventually lost our way missing a connection.  Exhaustion and a long day of driving were wearing on Eli and I as we tried to right our tangle and find our way to Deborahs Rock Farm in West Chester, PA. Finally we arrived, driving the long way along the Brandywine to the farm.  In the doorway were my Aunt Mary Ann and Uncle Sam cheering us on.  What a relief to be there.  And the sight of the big barn, the old house, reassuring.  We were inside with beers in hand within 5 minutes.  Day one concluded.

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