Sunday, January 15, 2012


   We woke up this morning at Rick and Hilary's house in Colombia, MO.  We were caffeinated and fed before leaving with Rick for a downtown driving tour and a walk about on the MKT along the Flat Branch.  The trail is part of a state wide rails to trails system that spans Missouri from east to west.
   We wandered through dense forest with gigantic wild grape vines and sycamore trees.  It felt like spring walking in the sun, too warm for a jacket.  In fact, it smelled and sounded like spring.  Trees agreed with the sentiment pushing out leaf buds.  Cardinals, robins, mourning doves agreed.  It was very spring like. 
Hinkson Creek

   By the time we got back to Rick and Hilary's apartment it was 1pm.  We loaded up and were back on the road by 2.  Eli drove our rig back out to I 70 and westbound.  The wind was whipping us around on the road and Eli kept us upright and moving forward.  We pulled off at Oak Grove to fill the tank and switch seats.  We got back on the road and headed towards Kansas City.  I thought getting through both Kansas Cities would be tricky with dense city traffic and a winding freeway with merging traffic from all sides.  Really the traffic wasn't so bad.  The freeway was rather empty in fact.  We did manage to catch up to and pass another 16' Penske pulling a car with New York plates.
  We drove into the sunset and then beneath the stars.  The road eventually flattened out and the wind finally gave up.  I kept the needle between 70 and 75.  Not many other cars or trucks out on this stretch, central Kansas. 
   We finally reached our goal at 10:30pm Central time; Colby, "Oasis on the Plains".  I write this from room 204 at the Motel 6.  It's late and we're exhausted.  The room isn't bad.  A table with chairs, microwave and fridge.   Quiet when the heater's not trying to meet it's obligations.  Tomorrow we'll get back on the road for our last leg of I 70 to Denver.  Maybe we'll check out Kansas' largest barn first, one of Kansas' 8 architectural  wonders.  Or maybe the Prairie art and history museum.  Or maybe we'll just get a bite to eat and leave this oasis for what lies ahead.  The grass is always greener and so we hop the fence. 
   Independent RADIO: KOPN Columbia, and KKFI 90.1 fm; Kansas City area radio featuring a Native American show intermingling traditional American Indian ceremonial songs with contemporary music; Intense! 
   Birds:  Coopers Hawk

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