Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday The 13th:::

   We finally departed Deborah's Rock Farm this morning at 10:45 am after some back up lessons from Uncle Sam.  Sam led us through the maze of windy country roads to the Wawa for a fill up and then on our way on Rte. 322 towards Rte 10 that would ultimately get us to the Pennsylvania turnpike.  Taking a day off at the farm yesterday was completely worth it and we recharged our batteries with quiet tranquility, family hospitality, good food and a comfy bed.  But today was all about the quest for miles.  The roads got a little hairy south of Pittsburgh as the snow was pelting down and high winds tried to whip us out of our lane especially crossing the massive Susquehanna River outside of Harrisburg.  But we took it easy and kept focused on coloring within the lines.  Driving this massive rig requires more concentration than a regular loaded van.  Especially with wind having its way with the truck eyes have to stay on the road ahead except for occasional glimpses at the elephant ear mirrors to see who's back there.  The Ford F450 Super Duty is really an incredible platform for this truck though.  It's impressive what it can manage as we wind up and down these rolling Pennsylvania hills. 
   We drove until 10:15 when we pulled into the Bob Evan's parking lot where the Yellow Beast would rest until tomorrow morning.  Our room was cheap and one wall is painted this very strange hue of blue.  The plants are happy to be out of the truck as are we.
   WORD OF THE DAY: friggatriskaidekaphobia
   BIRD OF THE DAY:  Turkey vulture
   RADIO STATION of the DAY:  WYSO 91.3 fm; Independent radio with Rev Cool playing International psychedelic rock, ska, hip hop in the middle of Ohio.
   STATES: Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana

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