Saturday, June 29, 2013

June, 2013

   A lot has happened since my last post which I think was September 2012 by the photos below.  Instead of getting into the abbreviated version of the past 9 months I choose to get right into the present and in doing so I will keep the chatter brief.  In January I had my Canon AL1 repaired through Blue Moon Camera shop in St. Johns.  When I went to pick up the camera I purchased a roll of color film.  Within two hours I went back and dropped the roll off to be developed.  Since then I have upgraded cameras and exposed more film.  I've taken two classes at Newspace center for photography to remember the processing steps and learn some refinement I hadn't picked up in high school.  Below are a few 8 x 10 prints I've made in the past few months.  More recently I've been printing more on 11 x 14 paper.
  I am still practicing and working up to better results.  Returning to photography feels like the mode of expression that fits my life right now.  It accompanies me on adventures and even becomes a motivating force to rushed packing of the van and getting on the freeway with no clear destination.  Unlike drawing or painting I am further along regarding my satisfaction with some of the images I've created thus far.  The mechanical aspect of the medium appeals to me as well.  The machine of the camera and the enlarger are elegant designs.  I find photography to be similar to riding a bicycle; the user can choose to make it as simple or as complex as they wish. 

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