Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dead Air

   I do apologize about the lack of input here lately.  Life has been working, riding to work, riding home, going on weekend adventures, hikes, errands, etc.  I have been documenting some of our recent adventures like last week's attempt to find Lost Lake only to find the trail buried under two feet of snow.  Or yesterdays hike through the industrial lost land of Swan Island between our neighborhood and the river.  On the return to the neighborhood we spotted three white tailed deer nibbling on grass in a back yard above the street.  Even in the most urbanized industrial parts of the modern city, nature finds a way.
   Today we wandered along some forgotten wasteland owned by the Port Authority alongside the Colombia River where the trains and planes pass overhead, the birds try to colonize, and the Port Authority dumps it's toxic Colombia River dredging sludge.  It'll take me at least a week to edit some field recordings I've done in some of these places but you'll find them here soon enough.  So if you don't have a quality set of headphones you have a week to beg borrow or steal a pair.  You'll also find some photography from Eli when the time comes. 

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