Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Portland Is Still Portland

   Portland is known to be an attractive place for eccentric people to not only fly their freak flag, but to post it through the city with neon lights.  This is true to the point where coming upon a transgendered person with 5 day stubble and having a drawn out conversation about whatever seems just common place, just another person living their unique life here.
   The very first day I went to work at my old shop, who should be outside to greet me but Extreamo The Clown.  OK, he wasn't there to greet me.  In fact he was conversing on his phone.  And he wasn't actually done up as a clown.  He was in his work clothes.  Extreamo lives his life unincumbered by societal restriction by earning his wages as the best window advertisement painter in the city.  His work is perfect and can be easily picked out throughout the cities retail spots.  It's always nice to see him not just to be reminded that there is an Extreamo The Clown living among us, but because wherever Extreamo is, his crazy sculpture art car is not far away.  And parked infront of the otherwise asthetically conservative Bike Gallery shop it is even more beautiful to behold.   Painted on the side of this latest rolling creation is the assurance, "Don't worry, God knows it's on the road".  What a perfect welcome back sight to see.

   Upon getting to work the other day, this is the scene I came upon.  Not in clown attire, and not painting, but Extreamo dressed up as Spiderman, busting wild dance moves as disco blares from his crazy sculpture/minivan.  Not far away, is the very conservative I.T. person for the Bike Gallery company, the very person I would find out later, who first hired Extreamo 8 years ago.  The look on his face, pure frightened horror at this insane Spiderman, completely confused as to who the nut is and why does he have Extreamo's car.  Brilliant.  Welcome back to Portland.  Thank you Extreamo.

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